On expansion course with acoustic sensors

andre hinz
André Hinz, employee of the ds automation gmbh,
explains the new pick and place machine for
electronic components

photo Klawitter

Sound sensors that can monitor assembling processes in the industry and ensure quality, are the specialty of the ds automation gmbh. In 1997 the company located in the TGZ (technology and business center) in Schwerin. The current location is called Mettenheimer street, where there was a reason to celebrate: With the support of the country
the development and production areas have
for 1.5 million euros now almost been doubled to 1,200 square meters. The great opening party was attended by over 70 guests, including Schwerins Mayoress Angelika Gramkow.

By investing in a so-called placement line for electronic components, the ds automation gmbh is the first service provider in the city, who is able to offer all necessary services for electronic components, devices and special sensors with a high production depth, from the complete development to series production, explains Dorothée Melzer, who is responsable for thecompany marketing. 16 employees are working for the company. With the expansion of the company, in the future there is room for 35 employees. Professionals are sought.

With its high-performance sensors the company according to Dorothée Melzer is unrivaled. "We have customers throughout Europe and beyond."

The ds automation GmbH currently also intensified its activities for the offshore and energy markets - particular by developing electronic components for energy transformation in fuel cells and battery systems and mobile power supply by alternative energy sources.

For its sound sensors that can register variations in the sound of small pieces of glass, ceramic or metal that are not detectable to the human ear, the company was awarded with the "Ludwig-Bölkow-Technologiepreis" (a technology award that is assigned by the Ministry of Economy and the three chambers of commerce in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).

Lars Dittmar, Managing Director of ds automation GmbH is proud of the innovative strength of his team: "We successfully mastered every project and product development and always created something new which was not yet available in the markets in this form. That´s great fun for us. In the future we also want to achieve something special by our manufacturing service in the production of foreign products"said the CEO.