Application Categories

1. Sound and functional tests in machinery and installations

  • Noise testing of packaging machines (film tear, grinding noises)
  • Acoustic leakage tests in pipelines or vessels
  • Monitoring of chemical production processes using noise like screen breakage or foreign elements sounds
  • Monitoring of machine tools (detection of tool imbalance or vibration of drilling, punching, stamping, milling, gear cutting tools, etc.)
  • Monitoring the supply of material or the lubricating condition by using the tool noise (eg. punching) , monitoring of the driving noise of lifts


2. Sounds, materials and part verification

  • Cracking and hardness testing of sintered metals on the example of valve seat inserts
  • Material, structure and geometry inspection of drawing, pressing, stamping and roll parts
  • Testing of glass and ceramic parts (eg. ceramic insulators, bulb components, pharmaceutical packaging)


3. Noise inspection for production, testing and assembly processes

  • Verification of locking noises during installation of plug connectors
  • Functional testing of relays & contactors
  • Noise testing of bonding and connection processes (Snap-In)
  • Monitoring tool contact (eg on metal / wafer saws and grinding machines)
  • Acoustical monitoring of filling systems, detection of broken glass in the packaging process (eg. baby food, jam filling)


4. General control of machinery, equipment and electrical loads

  • Acoustical control of sorting lines (eg. sizing with rivets, parts counting)
  • Control of sorting operations (eg. separation of stones and sugar beets in the supply process at harvesting machines)
  • Acoustic lighting control for carparks and hallways
  • Automatic control of the separation process (liquids and solids) in wastewater treatment plants