Empty bottle inspection



Tap Check subjects glass containers for food and beverages to an empty bottle inspection.
A damage-free mechanic excitation procedure with high-performance signal processing analyses the resonance of up to 72.000 container per hour.
  • Idustrial inspection of glass containers for damages within the food and beverage area
  • Enclosed construction for simple cleaning
  • Cost-efficient compared to alternative measuring methods
  • Low maintenance effort

Application areas

Quality testing of food and beverage bottles

  • Detection of glass breakage
  • Detection of cracks
  • Preparation for rejection of flawed and damaged glass containers

Technical data

  • Output of 72.000 container per hour
  • CAN and USB interface
  • Digital switching output using a good/bad indicating display
  • Real-time diagnostics and statistics function
  • Power supply: 24 V (20 V ... 30 V), 0.4 A, DO
  • Electric outlet via M12 connector
  • IP67 protection degree