dsound® USS5 Airborne sensor



Acoustic noise / functional testing and process monitoring
Universal sound sensor for precise frequency-selective monitoring of structure- and air- borne sound in industrial environments:

Intelligent microphone with integrated signal processing and a compact evaluation unit

  • Integral, high quality electret microphone
  • Powerful, parameter stable signal processing by digital signal processor
    that is integrated in the sensor
  • Adjustment of gain, frequency band, smoothing time and desired
    switching function via simple menu navigation directly on the sensor
  • Analog output for direct connection to a monitor or headphones or output
    of the measured rms value / peak
  • Potential free output and synchronization input for direct PLC connection
  • RS485-interface

Application areas

Machine, plant and tool monitoring
(whistling, grinding, buzzing, roaring)
  • Recognition „tool in the section“
  • missing material
  • imbalance
  • leakages
  • solids in fluids
  • worn tools
Process monitoring
(banging, rushing, hissing)
  • Detection of lead fracture during arc welding
  • waterjet cutting abrasive ratio
  • material flow in pipes
  • leakage
  • parts counting
Monitor assembling processes
(interlocking, snapping, bottoming)
  • Connector assembly
  • popping or snapping of retaining rings or locking lugs
  • snap-in mounting of housings
  • fixed stop monitoring
Material fracture detection
(Cracking, tearing)
  • Foil / veneer cracks
  • broken glass
  • bursting of PET bottles
Equipment testing
(clicking, squeaking, grinding)
Monitoring of
  • keyboard clicks
  • acoustic signals
  • acoustic emission during switching processes
  • motor movements

Technical data

  • Sound sensor for airborne sound signals from 30 Hz to 12.5 kHz
  • Integral microphone
  • Parameterization via integrated control panel
  • 1 switching output (potential-free), 1 synchronization input, RS485
  • Analog output: RMS or noise signal, 1 switching output
  • Supply: 10 ... 30 VDC
  • 8-pin sub-miniature circular connector M9 x 0.5
  • Robust, compact housing (M18 x 1) x 130 mm (IP67)